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The Ideal Method for Eliminating Moles

Moles: they are pests that plague many gardeners and cause trouble by eating earthworms that are beneficial for plant growth and causing unsightly tunnels and dirt mounds in your lawn and garden. There are many methods that are offered as remedies for mole infestations. However, most of them are ineffective and/or dangerous for children and other animals.

Some of the most common products for getting rid of moles are traps. However, if you bury the trap in a mole tunnel, the mole will see that the tunnel has been disturbed and smell your scent and is unlikely to come back through that tunnel. If the trap is placed near the surface of a tunnel, you risk children or other animals getting caught in the trap.

Another common method is using poison. However, this is dangerous if you have pets or children. Not only will pets be attracted to the poison, they will also get sick if they find and eat a poisoned mole.

You can buy oils and powders or put batteries in your lawn to repel moles, but who wants a powdery, oily mess on their lawn? Battery acid and corrosion will harm plants in the ground, and these methods will also deter other wildlife from coming into your yard.

Some people attempt to repel their moles by flooding or smashing the tunnels, or using vibrating or sonic repellers. Disturbing mole tunnels without getting rid of the moles will only cause them to dig more tunnels. Repellers can be expensive. They can also repel earthworms vital for plant growth. In addition, repellers do not truly get rid of the problem. You will have to make sure you cover your whole property or they will just move to a different spot. Even then, your neighbors will love the mole population that you have so graciously displaced into their yards.

Some people insist that all they need is a shovel or pitchfork and they will kill the little things themselves, but who really wants to spend the time waiting for signs of movement in a mole tunnel, then hope they get lucky enough to spear it before it runs away? Plus, what are you going to do with the darned thing after you spear it?

The ideal method for eliminating moles is using a non-toxic bait that requires minimal disturbing of the tunnel. That way, you will not be harming other animals or your children, and your yard will not be covered with unsightly powder or contraptions.

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