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Garden Moles Questions and Answers

What is he difference between a Mole and a Gopher?

The Size of a Mole vs a Gopher:
Moles are generally smaller that a gopher and burrow closer to the surface of the soil. Their tunnels are smaller and the mound of soil that is produced where the mole emerges is less that 12 inches in diameter.

Gophers are usually larger that moles and burrow their tunnels deeper in the ground. The soil mound produced where the gopher emerges is can be 12 inches in diameter creating a sizable mound.

What do Gophers and Moles feed on?

Moles generally feed on earth worms. This is a real problem because earth worms are very beneficial to your garden soil.

Gophers are vegetarians for the most part and enjoy feeding on the roots of some of your favorite plants.

Will Mole Be Gone be effective on both Moles and Gophers?

This is a very good question, and honestly we can say that Mole-Be-Gone is very effective to eliminate moles, but we are still obtaining information about the effectiveness on gophers.

If you have further information about this please let us know.
We have sold the Mole-Be-Gone system to people who have gopher problems, however we do not have any feed-back information.

What about Customer Satisfaction?

Quite honestly we have had no complaints about our products, in fact we have a lot of repeat satisfied customers, and we use the system ourselves. When you live in an area called Grass Valley you can imagine just how many moles love this area as well!


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